All facials are customized to your specific skin needs. We will analyze your skin and use the appropriate skincare products to address your unique conditions and concerns of your skin. All facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage for the hands, shoulders, face and scalp, a customized mask, moisturizer and SPF protection. Many of the facials also include warm stones for relaxation.

Vitamin C Facial: 60 mins. $140

This facial is combined with our signature facial. We use ultra sonic/micro-current for the application of the Vitamin C ampoule. This ampoule is fully loaded with 3 vitamin C ingredients along with vitamin E and vitamin A. Extracts of green tea, licorice, ginseng, calendula, and arnica tone, condition and hydrate the skin. Vitamin C: 30%. pH: 3. A custom brightening mask brightens dull or uneven skin and fights the signs of aging and sun spots. This mask also gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Ingredients include extracts of grapefruit seed, rare Asian plant extracts, and salicylic acid. It's a great anti-oxident mask with Vitamin C, ideal for hyper-pigmented and lacklusker skin. The Vitamin C ampoule & mask can be added to any facial for $45. (Not suitable for sensitive skin.)

Cupping/Gua-Sha Organic Facial: 60 mins. $120

This treatment will not bruise your skin like body cupping can. It will leave your skin with a beautiful glow. Cupping & Gua-Sha is a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment that can help circulation, brighten dull skin, reduce muscle tension, increase collagen production, improve elasticity, reduce puffiness and fine lines, alleviates allergy and sinus symptoms, and can help migraine sufferers and softens scar tissue. We use Neals Yard Remedies Organic products in this facial to promote skin health. This facial includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and mask.
Gua-sha is a traditional Chinese treatment that includes the use of a small smooth flat stone or spoon to massage the skin, as well as manipulate and stimulate certain energy points. Gua-sha is used on the face and body. 
Facial Cupping is an ancient method of helping circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxing, and brightening dull skin. It includes the use of small glass or silicone cups to suction the skin and drain the lymphatic system. Learn more about facial cupping here.

Steam & Peel: 45 mins. $85 / 60 mins. $105

This is one of our most popular facial therapy treatments. A great skin brightener for the person on the go during lunch hour or before a special event! A rejuvenating enzyme peel or blended peel that removes unwanted layers of dull, flaky skin and stimulates cellular renewal while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By removing the dead skin cell layer allows for better product absorption and hydration. Extraction and massage is included in this treatment.

Teen Facial: 45 mins. $85 / 60 mins. $105

This treatment is for young, oily and acne-prone skin to help minimize oil, clear the pores with thorough extraction and calms acne, inflamed skin. It includes a blended peel to remove dead skin and alleviate congestion, as well as minimal massage, so as not to stimulate oil production and further aggravate the skin.

Signature Facial: 45 mins. $75  / 60 mins. $95  /  75 mins. $115 / 90 mins. $135

This non-aggressive facial is ideal for someone with delicate, sensitive skin, or who wants a simple cleanse. The relaxing treatment detoxifies, heals, and re-mineralizes the skin, leaving it free of impurities. We focus on hydration by balancing the skin's pH, which is essential for maintaining soft, radiant and healthy skin.

Micro-Dermabrasion Facial: 75 mins. $175 

We combine our signature facial with the microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion uses tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin. This helps refine the skin surface and works best for dull skin, brown spots, age spots, scars and fine lines. It works well on most skin types, causing no skin color change or scarring. Not recommended for sensitive skin or if you are pregnant. 

Express Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanse: 45 mins. $125

This is a condensed version of the Microdermabrasion Facial, no extraction included in the treatment.

Deep Cleanse: 75 mins. $135

To maintain balance for healthy skin, this deep pore cleansing facial addresses most skin health needs. An effective peel removes cellular build-up that causes blackheads and breakouts. We may use micro-dermabrasion in the T-zone to help with clearing and extraction the skin of deep pore clogging. This treatment also includes spot treatment microdermabrasion and the use of light therapies to add in healing and health cell renewal. This cleanse brightens dull skin and softens fine lines. Revealing the new skin optimizes hydration, resulting in a visibly clear and radiant skin.

Rejuvenating Micro-current: 90 mins. $175

A Brightening Peel begins this facial to remove dead, dull layers of skin and reduce fine lines. Then, a facial toning device sends a safe, soft signal to help strengthen tired muscles and relax over-used muscles. Includes a hydrating collagen mask. This truly age-defying treatment tones and firms the skin, stimulates collagen production and improves circulation. 

Warm Stone Facial: 75 mins. $125

Warm stone treatments are a favorite on colder days. The warmth of the stones promotes blood circulation, helps keep dry wintery skin hydrated and aids in relaxation. The treatment includes a cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, and massage is combined with warm stones and Reiki energy. A treatment mask and moisture complete the treatment. This Warm Stone Facial is ideal for dry, dehydrated skin or someone who just wants to relax. It's not recommended for clients with acne or rosacea. This facial doesn't include extractions. 

Pre-natal Cleanse: 45 mins. $75  / 60 mins. $95  /  75 mins. $115

This is a simple cleansing facial that helps maintain balance, health and radiance of the skin during the hormonal fluctuation that affects the skin during pregnancy. This facial is similar to the signature facial, which is a relaxing treatment that detoxifies, heals and re-mineralizes the skin. We focus on hydration but clean the skin of impurities, leaving it soft, healthy and with a beautiful pregnancy glow. (Please note we can’t address Melasma until post-pregnancy).

Gentleman's Steam & Clean: 45 mins. $85 / 60 mins. $105

This deep cleaning facial cleanse with help soothe the skin from aggressive exposure of shaving, sun and sport exposure. It includes exfoliation, extraction, facial massage and rehydration. 

Back Cleanse: 45 mins. $90

We recommend this treatment for someone with back acne/congestion or a special event with a strapless dress. This “facial” for the back includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, treatment mask and hydration. It ends with a deliciously relaxing back massage leaving the skin smooth, clean and refreshed.

Deluxe Facial: 90 mins. $175

Skin that has been exposed to sun, pollution, poor diet, smoke and daily stress will benefit greatly from this anti-aging and skin-boosting treatment! This intensely therapeutic facial is rich in anti-oxidants to nourish deprived, depleted skin. A brightening peel, hydration booster mask and Reiki healing make this a luxurious treatment

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