Therapeutic Massage: 30 mins. $60  /  45 mins. $80 / 60 mins. $100  /  90 mins. $150

This is a Swedish based massage, using a variety of different massage strokes with a light to moderate to firm pressure. This technique will help soften muscle tissues, release tension and “knots” promoting relaxation and enable you to unwind from every day stressors.

Reiki (w/ Holly or Valerie):  30 mins. $60  /  45 mins. $80 / 60 mins. $100  /  90 mins. $150

Reiki is a healing art to help promote relaxation, stress reduction and wellbeing. The Japanese technique is "laying on hands" to balance your energy life force. If it is low in the body, we tend to get sick, tired or stressed. If that life force is in balance, we are healthier, heal better and cope easier with stress.  

Pregnancy Massage: 30 mins. $60  /  60 mins. $100  /  75 mins $125

A Swedish massage is the preferred massage technique for prenatal clients. It addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormonal shifts during pregnancy. At Medicinal Skin, we are certified and educated in pre/post-natal massage.

Postpartum Massage: 30 mins. $60  /  60 mins. $100  / 90  mins. $150

Massage is known for stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief and more. Postpartum massage can help your postpartum body recover, help in recovery from giving birth or a C-section, regulate sleep and improve breast-feeding.

Warm Stone Massage: 30 mins. $75  /  60 mins. $125  /  90 mins. $175

Unwind with this beautifully relaxing, soothing massage. Warm stones are incorporated throughout this massage, which help loosen tight muscles and relieve stress. This stone massage will ease you into a deeper dimension of relaxation.

In-Home Therapeutic Massage

Don't want to leave the comfort of your own home. We can come to you. There is an additional cost for house calls. Discounts, offers, packages and promotions do not apply for therapeutic massage treatments out of the office. 

Chair Massage

We also offer chair massage for events, trade shows, workplaces and corporate wellness programs. 


Please ask about our massage packages.